November 22, 2011

Latest Current Affair Updates for IBPS-CWE 2011: Bank PO & Clerical, 2011-7


1. Which of the following act governs Prevention of Cruelty against animals in India?
(a) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (b) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1965 (c) Biodiversity preservation Act, 1972 (d) Environment protection Act, 1987

2. Which of the following is the capital of Morocco?
(a) Maputo (b) Podgorica (c) Rabat (d) Windhoek

3. Proposed India-EU free trade agreement will include how many EU member-States?
(a) 25 (b) 32 (c) 30 (d) 27

4. Who has been elected as interim president of Tunisia?
(a) Zine el-Abidine ben Ali (b) Foued Mbazaa (c) Mohammed Khalid (d) Niyaz Sekh

5. Who has been elected new President of Uganda?
(a) Yoweri Museveni (b) Kizza Besigye (c) Apolo Nsibambi (d) Kintu Musoke

6. RAPS-1 reactor was installed at which of the following sites?
(a) Rawatbhatta (b) Kudunkulam (c) Narora (d) Kakinada

7. In which of the following states, Legislative Council has been revived after 25 years?
(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Rajasthan (c) Bihar (d) Tamilnadu

8. Which of the following States has introduced Right to Service bill for making official  machinery accountable for work?
(a) Bihar (b) Goa (c) Rajasthan (d) Andhra Pradesh

9. Which of the following is the currency of Yemen?
(a) Dong (b) Som (c) Rial (d) Dobra

10. Which of the following cities in India is the host of the second edition of BuildArch2011?
(a) Chennai (b) New Delhi (c) Chandigarh (d) Bangalore

11. Which of the following Indian telecommunication company has signed agreement with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for 24/7 live streaming of Radio Netherlands?
(a) Reliance Communications (RCom) (b) Idea (c) MTS (d) Tata Mobile

12. Chairman of the recently constituted Joint Parliamentary Committee is:
(a) M.M. Joshi (b) Pranav Mukherjee (c) P.C.Chacko (d) P. Chidambaram

13. Which of the following states has abolished the scheme of MLA Local Area Development (MLALAD)?
(a) Maharashtra (b) Bihar (c) Rajasthan (d) Himachal Pradesh

14. Who has been recenly elected Speaker of Gujarat Assembly?
(a) Ashok Bhatt (b) Ganpat Vasava (c) Sanker Singh Baghela (d) Shaktisinh Gohil

15. Which of the following computers of PARAM series can be used by private sector for R&D laboratories?
(a) PARAM-4 (b) PARAM Saathi (c) PARAM Bhagidar (d) PARAM Yuva

1 a 2 c 3 d 4 b 5 a 6 a 7 d 8 a 9 c 10 d 11 a 12 c 13 b 14 b 15 d

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