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Sr. No Place Nick Name (Sobriquet) 1 Andhra Pradesh Egg Bowl of Asia, Kohinoor of India 2 Arunacha...

Nick Names ( Sobriquet) of Indian States and Cities

Sr. No Place Nick Name (Sobriquet)
1 Andhra Pradesh Egg Bowl of Asia, Kohinoor of India
2 Arunachal Pradesh Land of Sunrise
3 Kerala Spice Garden of India
4 Haryana Milk Pail of India
5 Himachal Pradesh All Seasons’State, Apple State
6 Madhya Pradesh Soya Region
7 Punjab Land of Five Rivers, Granary of India
8 Sikkim Paradise of Botanists
9 City Sobriquet
10 Ahmedabad Manchester of India, Boston of India
11 Allahabad (Prayag) Abode of the God
12 Amritsar City of Golden Temple
13 Auroville, Puducherry City of Dawn
14 Bengaluru Garden City of India, Electronic City of India, Space City of India,
15 Silicon Valley of India, Pensioners’Paradise
16 Bhubaneswar City of Temples, Cathedral City of India
17 Coimbatore Manchester of South India
18 Goa Pearl of the Orient
19 Hyderabad Hi-Tech City, City of Bangles
20 Hyderabad-Secunderabad Twin Cities
21 Jaipur Pink City
22 Jammu and Kashmir Heaven of India
23 Jamshedpur Steel City of India, Pittsburg of India
24 Jodhpur Sun City
25 Kashmir Switzerland of India
26 Kochi Queen of Arabian Sea, Venice of the East
27 Kolkata City of Palaces, City of Castles, City of Joy
28 Lucknow City of Nawabs
29 Madurai City of Festivals
30 Manipur Jewel of India
31 Mumbai Gateway of India, City of Seven Islands
32 Mussoorie Queen of Mountains
33 Mysore Sandalwood City
34 Nagpur City of Oranges
35 Namakkal, Tamil Nadu City of Eggs
36 New Delhi City of Rallies
37 Panipat City of Weavers, Eco-City
38 Pitampur Detroit of India
39 Pune Deccan Queen
40 Tuticorin Pearl Harbour of India
41 Shillong Scotland of East
42 Surat Diamond City
43 Tezpur, Assam City of Blood
44 Trivandrum City of Statues
45 Udaipur City of Lakes, White City of India