General Studies & Current Affairs for Bank, SSC, CLAT, Civil Services and other Competitive Exams

1. The company which recently toppled Reliance Industries as the country's most valued company is a. NTPC  b. Coal India c. ONGC d....


1. The company which recently toppled Reliance Industries as the country's most valued company is
a. NTPC  b. Coal India c. ONGC d. Indian Railways

2. Global consultancy McKinsey works in the field of
a. Public Finance  b. Global Trade  c. Global Health  d. Global Warming

3. In a bid to strengthen its mobile business, Google announced that it would acquire the mobility holdings of
a. Vodafone b. Airtel  c. Samsung  d. Motorola

4. India has signed a double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) with which of the following former Soviet Republics?
a. Georgia b. Ukraine  c. Tajikistan  d. Estonia

5. Gold mining company Rusoro is listed in
a. Russia  b. United States of America c. Canada  d. South Africa

6. Recently,  Infosys Technologies acquired the software solutions business of Gen-i from
a. Mahanagar Telephone  Nigam Limited  b. Bharat sanchar Nigam  Limited  c. Telecom New Zealand  d. KDDI Corporation

7. The headquarters of aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which has recently signed long-term partnership agreements with Indian firms, is located at
a. Bon b. Blagnac c. London d. Milan

8. MHS Energy, a Chennai-based infrastructure company, has entered into a joint venture with 'b+w Electronics Systems', a German-based company, to manufacture
a. Thermal power  b.  Solar power solutions  c.  Nuclear power  d. Hydroelectric power

9. Luxury car-maker Audi Is based in
a. Japan  b.  Italy  c.  Germany  d.  France

10. Naresh Goyal was recently re-elected to the Board of Governors of the International Air  Transport Association; he heads  which airline?
a. Air India  b. Air Deccan  c. Kingfisher d. Jet Airways

11. Duty Entitlement Pass Book  (DEPB) scheme is related to
a. Income Tax  b. Manufacturing industries  c. Planning expenditure  d. Export trade

12. Falcon Tyres is a company of
a. Ruia Group  b. Hinduja Group  c. Mahindra Group  d. Tata Group

13. Which country which recently provided India an Offi cial Development Assistance (ODA) of  a total Rs.8,632 crore
a. Britain  b. Japan  c. Germany  d. South Korea

14. India has purchased 10 C-17  Globemaster III heavy-lift transport aircraft from the U.S.
for which purpose
a. Air Force  b. Navy  c. Army  d. Civil transport

15. Which bank has been appointed  the custodian of securities of  the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)
a. State Bank of India  b. Dena Bank  c. Standard Chartered Bank  d. Kotak Mahindra

16. The country of origin for Mirage fighter jets
a. France  b. Britain  c. Germany d. Sweden

17. The new Managing Director, Head of Equities, for Barclays  Capital India, the investment banking unit of Barclays Bank, is
a. Bhavtosh Vajpayee  b. K. Satyanarayan c. Sudeep Bose  d. Amitendra Banerjee

18. The Central Government recently sanctioned the Scheme of Amalgamation of Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd (MEL) with
a. ArcelorMittal Dhamm  Processing Pvt Ltd  b. Steel Authority of India Ltd  c. Jindal Steel and Power d. Tata Steel

19. The duty-free import of goods  is permitted from which of the following countries?
a. Nepal  b. Bhutan  c. Sri Lanka  d. Afghanistan

20. The Spices Board has launched a  campaign for the awareness of
a. Diacetyl  b. Benzoic Acid   c. Aflatoxin  d. Solanine

21. The head of the committee on review of National Small Saving  Fund (NSSF) is
a. Prashant Verma  b. Shyamla Gopinath  c. Phalguni Mukherjee  d. N.T. Nair

22. Where does Tata Tea rank amongst the tea manufacturers of the world
a. 5th  b. 4th  c. 3rd  d. 2nd

23. Which of the following banks  has launched the CanMobile  service that allows banking
transactions through mobile handsets?
a. Canara Bank   b. Punjab National Bank   c. State Bank of India  d. Bank of Baroda

24. Which of the following states  leads in the production of wind power?
a. Maharashtra  b. Tamil Nadu  c. Gujarat  d. Andhra Pradesh

25. The defence PSU that has decided to begin the process of disinvesting 10% of its holding in the next five years is
a. Bharat Earth Movers Limited  b. Goa Shipyard Limited  c. Hindustan Aeronautics  Limited d. Garden Reach ship Builders and Engineers Limited

26. Which one of these companies  has crossed the  Rs.10,000-crore turnover mark, becoming the  first Indian tyre industry, to do so in any financial year?
a. Dunlop  b. Good Year  c. Apollo  d. MRF

27. Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Capital recently declared the sale of its 26% stake in which  one of the following sectors - to Japan's Nippon Company?
a. Life Insurance  b. Telecommunication  c. Power Generation  d. Entertainment

28. BPO major Genpact, which has acquired US-based High Performance Partners (HPP), is headquartered at which one of places  given below?
a. Bengaluru  b. Hyderabad  c. Gurgaon  d. Faridabad

29. Which one of the following companies was established as MIRC  Electronics?
a. LG  b. Onida  c. Voltas  d. Weston
30. Greenko Group has joined hands  to form a joint venture with GE  Energy Financial Services to develop and invest in new upcoming projects. Which of these sectors do they operate in?
a. Power generation  b. Social services  c. Mining  d. Food processing

31. Real estate company Raheja Developers has inked a contract with Dubai-based Arabtec
Construction Company for the construction of three mixed-use projects at which of the places  given below?
a. Mumbai and Pune  b. Delhi and Gurgaon  c. Hyderabad and  Secundarabad  d. Chennai and Tuticorin

32. The new Chief Executive of  Apple, Tim Cook, is a citizen of  which one of the nations given below?
a. Canada  b. Mexico  c. United States of America  d. Honduras

33. Orient Fans, which recently announced its entry into the domestic home appliances market  under the brand name Orient  Actus, is a part of which one  of the business groups given below?
a. Hinduja Group  b. JP Group  c. KK Modi Group  d. CK Birla Group

34. In October 2011,  Bank of India opened a branch in which one of  the countries given below?
a. Australia  b. New Zealand  c. Philippines  d. Brunei

35. The 20th World Book Fair will be held in 2012 in which one of these cities?
a. Faridabad  b. Gurgaon  c. New Delhi  d. Ghaziabad

36. The world's cheapest tablet PC, Aakash, is being manufactured  by which one of the following companies?
a. QUAD Electronic Solutions  b. Bharat Electronics  c. HOLOFLEX Limited  d. Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

37. According to the National Policy on Information Technology 2011, what is the annual export  target for the IT Sector in 2020 ?
a. $150 billion  b. $200 billion  c. $250 billion  d. $300 billion

38. Skoda Auto is headquartered in which one of the countries given below?
a. Germany  b. France  c. Czech Republic  d. Italy 

39. Indian-origin tycoon Pankaj  Oswal has been accused of corporate fraud in which one of the countries given below?
a. Australia  b. New Zealand  c. Malaysia  d. Indonesia

40. U.S.-based Akorn recently purchased the complete business of  a drug plant of which one of the companies named below?
a. Hindustan Pharmaceutical Limited  b. Dr Reddy’s Laboratory  c. Ranbaxy Laboratories
d. Kilitch Drugs (India)

41. Who among the following is the Chief Executive of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)?
a. J Hari Narayan  b. HN Sinor  c. Ravi Thapper  d. Suresh Menon

42. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) recently announced it would export its newly-launched sedan  (Etios) and its hatchback version (Etios Liva), from March  2012, to which one of the countries given below?
a. China  b. Mexico  c. Brazil   d. South Africa

43. Which of the given below car  models, does not belong to  Rolls-Royce?
a. Phantom b. Wraith  c. Mustang  d. Silver Dawn

44. Where is the head office of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) situated?
a. New Delhi  b. Dehradun  c. Mumbai  d. Bhopal

45. India recently has imposed a duty of $366 per drymetric tonne on imports of caustic soda from which one of the countries given below?
a. South Korea b. Malaysia c. Vietnam d .Thailand

1. (b) Coal India  2. (a) Public Finance  3. (d) Motorola  4. (a) Georgia  5. (c) Canada 6. (c) Telecom New Zealand  7. (b) Blagnac  8. (b) Solar power solutions  9. (c) Germany 10. (d) Jet Airways  11. (d) Export trade  12. (a) Ruia Group  13. (b) Japan 14. (a) Air Force 15. (c) Standard Chartered Bank  16. (a) France  17. (a) Bhavtosh Vajpayee 18. (b) Steel Authority of India Ltd 19. (d) Afghanistan  20. (c) Afl atoxin 21. (b) Shyamla Gopinath 22. (d) 2nd 23. (a) Canara Bank 24. (b) Tamil Nadu 25. (c) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited 26. (d) MRF  27. (a) Life Insurance 28. (c) Gurgaon 29. (b) Onida 30. (a) Power generation 31. (b) Delhi and Gurgaon  32. (c) United States of America 33. (d) CK Birla Group 34. (b) New Zealand  35. (c) New Delhi  36. (a) QUAD Electronic Solutions  37. (b) $200 billion 38. (c) Czech Republic  39. (a) Australia  40. (d) Kilitch Drugs (India)  41. (b) HN Sinor  42. (d) South Africa  43. (c) Mustang  44. (b) Dehradun  45. (a) South Korea