General Studies & Current Affairs for Bank, SSC, CLAT, Civil Services and other Competitive Exams

1. Zine Al Abidine was the President of which country?  Tunisia 2. Which countries will be hosting FIFA 2018 and 2022?  Russia and Qata...

Last Minute GK Suggestion for AILET (NLU-Delhi) 2012

1. Zine Al Abidine was the President of which country? Tunisia
2. Which countries will be hosting FIFA 2018 and 2022? Russia and Qatar
3. Name the first state to appoint ‘Lokayukta’. Maharashtra (1971)
4. Reykjavík is the capital of which country? Iceland
5. Meghdoot was written by? Kalidas
6. Who is the custodian of fundamental rights engraved in the Indian Constitution? The Supreme Court of India
7. Name India’s first coal mine. Raniganj Coalfield
8. Expand ESOPEmployee Stock Ownership Plan
9. Pulitzer Prize is related to which field? Journalism/Literature (Both these options are correct)
10. Bomdila Pass is in which Indian state? Arunachal Pradesh
11. Economic Times – Business Leader of the Year 2011? Chanda Kochhar
12. Yarlung Zangbo is better known in India as what? Brahmaputra
13. ‘Cannon’ is a term used in which sport? Billiards
14. Under whose rule did India’s capital change from Calcutta to Delhi? Lord Hardinge (1912)
15. Centre has exclusive authority over which of the following subjects? Post and Telegraph (Other options were Criminal Law, Police and Land Acquisition)
16. Milk is a rich source of which all vitamins? Vitamin D, C, K and A
17. Who started a toy company in his backyard in Denmark? Lego (Ole Kirk Christiansen is the founder)
18. Which nation’s name means ‘village‘ or just ‘settlement‘, and is derived from the aboriginal word ‘kanata‘? Canada
19. Khordad Sal is celebrated by? Zoroastraians
20. Presence of arsenic in drinking water causes which disease? Skin Cancer
21. The Cholas’ reign was characterized by which of the following? Bronze Statues
22. River Tethys has formed as a result of disposition of which mountain range? The Himalayas
23. The book ‘Banker to the Poor’ is authored by? Muhammad Yunus (His Autobiography)
24. The first woman prime minister? Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)
25. Name the longest river in the the world. River Nile
26. Which of the following words comes first in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution? Justice (Other options were Libery, Equality and Fraternity)
27. Brihadeshwara temple is in which state? Tamil Nadu
28. Nobel Prize for Peace in 2011 was given to? Awarded jointly to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman
29. Best State in India to harness solar energy? Gujarat
30. Who has the authority to remove the Governor of a State? President on the advice of the Prime Minister.