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30  November 2014 National: ‘India will engage all countries on climate change’ The Indian team that will participate in the u...

GK & Current Affair Updates: November 30 - 2014

30  November 2014

‘India will engage all countries on climate change’
The Indian team that will participate in the upcoming conference in Lima in December will engage all countries on the agenda that the world must come together and take on the challenge of climate change.“The Foundation has given a basic input on how the farmer should be compensated by arriving at real remunerative cost and that has set a benchmark for discussion. It also said that food security must take into account the productivity of eastern part of India,” which was fundamental to sustained green revolution.

Modi for better utilisation of railway lands

Prime Minister Narenda Modi called for the privatisation of railway stations to equip them with better services. He called for utilising vast tracts of railway land for construction of five-star hotels and motels so that trains could run beneath such modern amenities built on huge properties along railway tracks between two stations, which, has been lying underutilised at a time when land prices have gone up manifold.Mr. Modi, on a three-day visit to Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura, at Maligaon, where he flagged off the first passenger train from Mendipathar in Meghalaya’s North Garo Hills district to Guwahati and laid the foundation stone for a broad-gauge railway line in Mizoram from Bhairibi to Sairang.

Educated people less vulnerable to calamities
Education makes people less vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, landslides and storms that are expected to intensify with climate change, says a new study. Investing in empowerment through universal education should be essential in climate change adaptation efforts, according to the study conducted by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).“Education is key for reducing disaster fatalities and enhancing adaptive capacity,” said Wolfgang Lutz, director of IIASA’s World Population Programme. The study is based on natural disaster data collected for 167 countries over the past four decades as well as a number of studies carried out in individual countries and regions. “Our research shows that education is more important than GDP [gross domestic product] in reducing mortality from natural disasters.

Award adequate relief to victims of heinous crimes: SC
The Supreme Court has directed judicial officers across the country to award adequate compensation to victims of heinous offences or their families while sentencing the convicts.“It has been brought to our notice that even though almost a period of five years has expired since the enactment of Section 357A of the Criminal Procedure Code, the award of compensation has not become a rule and interim compensation, which is very important, is not being granted by the courts. The object and purpose of the provision is to enable the court to direct the State to pay compensation to the victim. It has also been pointed out that the upper limit of compensation fixed by some of the States is arbitrarily low and is not in keeping with the object of the legislation”.

Earth’s most abundant mineral gets name
American geologists have named the earth’s most abundant mineral Bridgmanite. It had hitherto remained nameless as a large enough sample of the mineral, found in the earth’s lower mantle, had not been recovered. Under the rules of set down by the International Mineralogical Association, a mineral cannot be given a formal name until a specimen has been found and examined first hand. A group of American geologists were recently able to extract a sample large enough to analyse from a meteorite. The new name is in honour of Percy Bridgman, a pioneer in the use of high pressure experiments to better understand how many geological formations come about.


Beijing bans smoking in public
Beijing has adopted a smoking ban in all indoor public spaces including workplaces and public transport. The official Xinhua News Agency reports the ban will go into effect on June 1 and carry a fine of up to 200 yuan or $32.50. The Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress passed the draft regulation. China is home to the most smokers of any country, with 300 million smoking and 740 million exposed to second-hand smoke every year.

Taiwan Premier quits as power slips from pro-China party in local poll
Taiwan’s Premier resigned after his Beijing-friendly ruling party suffered a landslide defeat at the island’s biggest ever local elections. Jiang Yi-huah announced that he had stepped down at a brief press conference, saying that he took “political responsibility” for the Kuomintang’s heavy losses.Unofficial results showed the KMT had lost in five out of Taiwan’s six municipalities, retaining a slender lead in the race for New Taipei which was still too close to call.

Orion all set for Dec. 4 test flight
Designed to carry astronauts to deep space destinations like Mars, NASA’s Orion spacecraft is all set to blast off for its first test flight December 4. To be launched atop a Delta IV heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Launch Complex 37 in Florida, Orion will not carry any people on its test flight.Orion will travel to an altitude of 5,793.6 km, orbit Earth twice, then splash down in the Pacific Ocean.

Business & Economy:

Quick Heal solution for safe online banking
Quick Heal Technologies Private Ltd has come out with a solution to enable users have safe banking, secure Internet surfing and a better personal computer experience. “Every person who shops or banks online is a potential victim to phishing attacks, identity theft, and data stealing software such as key loggers. Quick Heal 16.00 has been designed to combat the dangers of online financial transactions such as paying bills, banking and shopping. Quick Heal 16.00 has brought in a security feature called ‘Safe Banking’ that automatically takes all necessary security steps while the user conducts a financial transaction online. At present, there has been a rise in the number of identity thefts and incidents of online scams.

FSLRC recommendations will be implemented soon

The Centre will implement a ‘large number’ of legislative reforms recommended by the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) ‘in the days to come’.The Commission, chaired by Justice B. N. Srikrishna, which submitted its report on March 22, 2013, suggested drastic changes to the financial sector’s regulatory architecture. These include putting in place an Indian Financial Code that will replace the bulk of existing laws and creating a single regulator for pension, equity, insurance and commodities markets. It has also proposed to retain the Reserve Bank, but recommended to review its regulatory structure.