April 03, 2014

Static & Legal GK MCQ 3

1. How many spokes are there in the Ashoka Wheel of the Indian National Flag? 
a) 24 b) 23 c) 22 d) 18 

2. Who was the first Governor General of free India? 
a) C Rajagopalachari b) Lord Mountbatten c) Rajendra Prasad d) Sardar Vallabhai Patel 

3. Who was the first Indian Governor General of free India? 
a) C Rajagopalachari b) Lord Mountbatten c) Dr S Radhakrishnan d) Rajendra Prasad 

4. Which is India’s national animal? 
a) Lion b) Tiger c) Elephant d) Cow 

5. Which of the following is our National Anthem? 
a) Jana Gana Mana … b) Vandematharam c) Sare Jahanse Achcha d) Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara

6. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India? 
a) President of India b) Prime Minister c) Home Minister d) Supreme Court 

7. What is the maximum number of members of Lok Sabha? 
a) 525 b) 535 c) 545 d) 550 

8. For how long can President’s rule be imposed in a state initially?
a) One year b) Two years c) Three years d) Six months 

9. In the matter of Money bills, the position of Rajya Sabha is 
a) Superior b) Inferior c) Same as that of Lok Sabha d) None of these 

10. Who appoints the Advocate General? 
a) Governor of the State b) Chief Minister c) President of India d) Chief Justice of High Court 

11. Who is the head of the State Government? 
a) Governor b) Chief Minister c) Chief Justice of High Court d) President 

12. Who appoints the Governors of the State? 
a) President of India b) Prime Minister c) Chief Minister d) Supreme Court 

13. What is the term of office of the governor of a state?
a) 4 years b) 5 years c) 6 years d) 7 years 

14. How many kinds of emergencies are there according to our constitution? 
a) three b) four c) two d) five 

15. By which amendment was the voting age reduced to 18 from 21? 
a) 52nd amendment b) 56th amendment c) 61st amendment d) 73rd amendment 

1. 24 2. Lord Mountbatten 3. C Rajagopalachari 4. Lion 5. Jana Gana Mana … 6. President of India 7. 545 8. Six months 9. Inferior 10. Governor of the State 11. Governor 12. President of India 13. 5 years 14. three 15. 61st amendment

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