April 03, 2014

Static & Legal GK MCQ 4 for CLAT 2014

1. Which of the following does not constitute the Electoral College for electing the President of India? 
a) Elected members of the Legislative Council b) Elected members of the Legislative Assembly c) Elected members of Lok Sabha d) Elected members of Rajya Sabha

2. In which of the following year was the proclamation of Emergency by the President on the ground of internal disturbance made for the first time? 
a) 1975 b) 1960 c) 1976 d) 1974 

3. Within what period from the date of its proclamation will an emergency cease to be in operation, unless approved by resolutions of both Houses of Parliament? 
a) one month b) two month c) three month d) six month 

4. The proclamation of emergency under Article 362 was made for the first time in 
a) 1975 b) 1962 c) 1976 d) 1960 

5. Which of the following is not a financial committee of Parliament in India? 
a) Public Accounts Committee b) Estimates Committee c) Finance Commission d) Committee on Public Undertakings 

6. At which of the following places is the Supreme Court of India located? 
a) Mumbai b) Madras c) New Delhi d) Calcutta 

7. What is the duration of the term of the President of India? 
a) Four years b) Five years c) Six years d) Seven years 

8. For a maximum period of how many days can a Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha be detained by the Rajya Sabha? 
a) 14 days b) 30 days c) 90 days d) 60 days 

9. Which of the following qualification is not essential for election as the President of India? 
a) The candidate must be a citizen of India? b) Must have completed 35 years of age c) Must be a member of Lok Sabha d) Must not be holding an office of profit 

10. How many members can be nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha? 
a) 10 b) 12 c) 15 d) 18 

1. Elected members of the Legislative Council 2. 1975 3. one month 4. 1962 5. Finance Commission 6. New Delhi 7. Five years 8. 14 days 9. Must be a member of Lok Sabha 10. 12

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